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Before & After Photos

Before: Pet Stains Identified
pet stains on carpet, pet urine
Pet had been urinating under bed without homeowners' knowledge. Result: urine build-up over several days.
Treatment: Pre-Spray
Applying eco-friendly pre-treatment to carpet
Pet-safe, environmentally-friendly stain remover composed of natural enzymes applied to break down stains. (Allowed to set for ten minutes.)
Treatment: Hot Water Extraction
Carpet cleaning wand extracting pet stains
Hot water extraction wand rinses and removes stains from affected area.
After: Stains Successfully Removed
freshly clean carpet with pet stains removed
Pet stains removed quickly and effectively in less than 30 minutes.
After: Stains Successfully Removed
freshly cleaned carpet with coffee stain removed
Coffee stains removed quickly and effectively in less than 15 minutes.
Before: Coffee Stains Identified
coffee stain on carpet
Coffee spilled on white carpet in high traffic area.

Pet Urine Removal

Food Stain Removal

hot water extraction rinse.JPG